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Are you working on building a sustainable network marketing business?


Then have you ever felt like you’re “chasing” friends and family with your network marketing products or business opportunity, but you get little or no results for your efforts, because they don’t “get it”?

Imagine if you didn’t have to “chase” friends and family – or strangers at Starbucks 😉 anymore in order to present your products or opportunity to new people…

And imagine if you didn’t have to CONVINCE anyone to buy your products or to join your team….


How about having people contacting YOU ASKING to join your team! Or to buy your products.


That would be pretty amazing, right!

You can actually achieve this if you know how to leverage the internet.

If you’re building a network marketing business, I’m pretty sure you’re always looking for tips and strategies how to find more customers and more people who want to join your team!

Here are 5 tips how you can build your network marketing or direct sales business using the internet. 


1) Define your target market  

First of all, you must define and know your target market.

Who is your ideal customer?

And who is your ideal prospect to join your business? Who do you want to join YOUR team?

You must know things like: What are their interests and hobbies?

What are their fears and problems? What are their goals and dreams?

What’s really important to THEM?

You must know this, because, people won’t be interested in your products or business opportunity UNLESS you can present them as a solution to a problem they have or as a product/ opportunity that will help them reach their goals and dreams.

Above all, make sure to be clear about the BENEFITS of your products, services and/ or opportunity.

So with the business opportunity, you could present it as a solution or vehicle to get what they want, which may be things like:

  • a new house
  • a new car
  • vacation more
  • money to pay college for their kids
  • quit their full-time job
  • more retirement money
  • more time freedom
  • tax-savings with a home business

And depending on what products you sell, the benefits. With e.g. health and wellness products benefits are:

  • get fit and lose weight
  • get your health back
  • get rid of joint pain
  • slow down aging
  • repair your gut health
  • stop bloating
  • get more energy

Benefits to present if your products are skin care products can be:

  • smooth and glowing skin
  • reduce wrinkles
  • remove scars and stretch marks
  • remove sunspots
  • diminish pores
  • look younger

It’s a good idea to take a piece of paper and jot down as many benefits you can think of that your products and opportunity may offer.

This will help you to present them as a solution to a problem or as a vehicle to achieve what your prospect really want.

Download this free worksheet if you want some ideas how to pick your target audience:
=> => How To Find and Get to Know Your Perfect Customer 


2) Use Social Media  

Social Media is super important to use for all businesses. Use it to raise curiosity and to educate your followers/ fans.

A good strategy is to be present on the main Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube), but to start with you should choose ONE platform as your main Social Media platform and really learn how to use it professionally and post on it consistently.

Make sure the platform you decide to use as your main one is also used by the majority of your target market.

Also remember to never SPAM on Social Media.

That is to say, don’t post company links and hundreds of posts about your products or business opportunity.

Instead: Don’t mention your company name – or at least don’t mention it often. This is because you want to raise CURIOSITY.

If your company name is all over your posts and content – there is no curiosity left!

Instead share valuable information… and tips that are relevant to your target market.

And share STORIES, testimonials and entertaining posts.

Social Media

Share stories, testimonials and entertaining posts on Social Media.


3) Have your own Blog

To direct your audience from Social Media to a company replicated website is NOT the best strategy….

It’s ok to do this when you’re brand new and just starting out, but then you should move on to have your own, personal blog.

In other words, a blog that brands YOU and not the company you represent, because you have no control of your network marketing company.

You also have no control of your YouTube account, Facebook Page, Instagram or Pinterest profile etc, because you don’t OWN them.

So to have your own personal blog is a much more safe and effective long-term strategy for your business, because YOU own it and are in control of it.


4) Build your own Email list

If you don’t have one yet, get an email provider, set up an autoresponder system and start building your list!

This includes creating capture pages and signup forms to capture the names and emails of prospects who are interested in what you offer and want to learn more.

You also need to have a so called Lead Magnet, it’s a free “bribe” you offer your prospects in exchange for their name and email. It has to be about something they really really want. It can be delivered in different forms, such as a pdf report, it can be a video, a webinar, a podcast etc.

This used to be techie to set up, but today it’s not.

With an attractive Lead Magnet and an autoresponder system set up in the right way, you’ll get new sign-ups and leads 24/7 and you can send out broadcasts and follow-up messages automatically to your list after that.

This is great because this will not only FREE up your time, but it will also build a relationship between you and the individuals on your list. When they get to know you and feel they trust you, they are more likely to buy from you or want to join your team.

Download this free pdf how to create Lead Magnets your prospects can’t resist:

=> => 6 step formula how to create attractive Lead Magnets


5) Attract people and get lots of traffic

So how can you attract people to you?

You can do this by creating and publishing content on Social Media and your blog consistently.
That is, content that is interesting and entertaining to your target market, and that help them SOLVE their problems or to get what they WANT!

Doing this will ATTRACT people to you and it will also build your email list.

Consistent valuable and educating content will also generate traffic to your blog.

However, it may take some time before you see results.

Therefore, to get lots of “fans”, followers, blog visitors and leads FASTER, the best strategy is to add some paid marketing to your online strategy.

For example, you can “boost” your Facebook posts to reach more viewers and to get more likes and shares on Social Media.

You can also set up pay-per-click ads on Facebook, YouTube and other networks as well to reach your target market and get more leads.

Here’s a free template for you how to write compelling headlines for your capture pages, blog, emails, social media posts etc:

=> => How to write Headlines that grab your prospect’s attention


These were my 5 tips how to build your network marketing business successfully online.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, how you can: prospect, sell and recruit in an effective way using the internet, then here are some useful resources and tools I use and recommend:


Struggling with Prospecting? Check Out This Free Online Training On How To Find And Attract Your Ideal Customers and Team Mates: 

=>> How To Easily Sell More and Recruit More Team Mates


Video & YouTube Marketing (free SEO cheat sheet):

=> Video Marketing


How To Build Your Own Blog

This is an excellent course if you want to build your own Blog. It also includes training about finding your avatar, branding, SEO etc. For more information:

=> A Blog To Brand


How To Use Social Media Posts To Prospect and Sell Online (free guide): 

=> Social Media Posts That Attract Your Audience 


For more recommended resources and tools that I use in my business, visit =>>


I hope you found this post useful and that you have an idea how you can build and grow your network marketing business online. Let me know if you have any questions!

Please SHARE this post with other network marketers you think may find this useful for their business!

To Your Success!!!


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