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If you ever feel like you don’t know what to blog about… here are: 

7 Content Ideas For Blogging


What are good topics to write about in a blog?

First of all when you have a blog, you must know WHO you are writing for.

Who is your target market? What are they interested in and what do they want to read about?

What content can you create to solve their problems, ease their fears or help them to fulfill their dreams and desires? 

That basically answers what topics you should focus writing about.

So if you know your target market, then it gets pretty easy to know what to write about!



Here are 7 ideas that will make you a “Blog Content Machine”:


1) What are you learning right now in your niche?

What books are you reading, what courses and webinars do you attend?

Make a blog post about this – or several. Use your notes.

You can also use what you’ve learned in the past.

Think about what value you can transfer to your blog readers from those sources.

(Note: You should always source the book or person or website etc that inspired you.)


2) When you’re out shopping, take a look at the magazines in your niche.

What are the headlines of magazines in your niche? These are topics your target market is interested in.

I’d also recommend you to subscribe to 1-2 magazines in your niche (offline and online). Then you’ll always be in the know of the “hottest” ideas, trends and new products in your niche.

Magazines are also a great inspiration source for making up cool headlines! 

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3) Interact with and listen to your audience.

If you have blog readers who are commenting on your blog, or an audience on social media that is commenting on your posts and videos, then you must engage with them and LISTEN: What do they need, what are their comments about, what do they ask about, what are their problems, frustrations and desires?

Use their comments and questions as Blog Titles, and create a blog post about it.

You can also ask your audience: What do you want to know more about? What’s your biggest problem right now?


4) Visit a bookstore or a library.

Have a glance through book titles in your niche, pick out 2-3 books, check the table of content. Take notes of topics you find interesting for your niche and audience, study and learn more about it and write your next blog post(s) about that.


5) Write a review. 

Reviews are very useful for people. It’s a “shortcut” to learn more about products, and to make an educated decision what product you should choose, that fits your needs best.

You can write a review about anything: a product, a service (e.g. restaurants, hotels), a book, an affiliate product or one of your network marketing company’s products if you’re in network marketing. You can also compare 2 (or more) similar products or offers.


6) Write about what happens in your life, or use a story of a customer or friend.

Story telling is very powerful, people love to hear real stories. Share stories from your life, and share your customers’ and friends’ stories as well – you should always ask for their permission to do that though. Then connect the stories to what you’re selling, or with something that’s useful in some way for your readers.


7)  Get blog ideas from surfing the Web!

Get ideas from the web! It can be from other bloggers, from social media, YouTube,  iTunes, Amazon and from Forums in your niche.

Search on different keywords on Google – and on social media channels – and get content ideas from the keyword suggestions and also the titles that show up on your searches.

Pay attention to topics that get lots of comments and social media love (sharing, likes etc). Lots of attention and engagement indicates that many people are interested in this.

Just remember: It’s ok to read and get inspired by other people’s material in books and on the internet. But it’s not ok to copy other people’s material (texts and pictures).

I actually got these 7 blog content ideas from a webinar I attended a while ago, from two blogging experts!! So I’d like to say a big thank you to my blog coaches, Tanya Aliza and Ray Higdon, for sharing these blog content ideas!



And next time you don’t know what your blog post(s) should be about, check out these 7 blog post ideas and I’m sure you’ll never have to feel frustrated anymore because you’re out of ideas what to write about!

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Please SHARE this post with your blogging friends – and comment below if you got value. And please also share in the comment section below your own blog content ideas! 


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