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If you’re a busy solopreneur or small business owner and you feel like you need to free up some time, an easy way to do that is to outsource!

Outsource tasks you don’t find time to do yourself, tasks you don’t enjoy doing, or tasks you don’t feel that you have the best knowledge or experience of doing.

I’ve got more than 5 years’ experience of online marketing, social media, blogging, lead generation and traffic generation, and I love doing it. I offer the following services:

Video Marketing:  

  • Create short videos for Facebook ads (15-60 sec)
  • Create short videos for YouTube / Google ads (15-60 sec))
  • Create short presentations of a product or company (1-5 min)
  • Create a video of your blog posts (re-purposing content, 1-5 min)
Ex. of a video ad for skin care products on a Facebook page:


This video – and the one below – has only background music playing, if you want, you can also add a voice track. This can be either your voice or a female or male synthesized “auto-voice”.

One reason why it’s more important to have the text in the video than a voice is that many people choose to have the sound off on videos. They prefer to start watching a video without sound, and only if they find it interesting they may turn the sound on – if where they are at the moment they are watching it allows it.

Ex. of a short YouTube video ad for Christmas: 


This kind of short and catchy or witty video works really well for special offers, holiday promotions etc.

Ex. of a re-purposed blog post into a video:


Do you have a blog with several posts, but few or no videos?

Then it’s a great strategy to re-purpose the main points or ideas of your blog posts into videos. You simply upload the videos to your YouTube channel (it’s easy to set up one if you don’t have it yet) or you can upload them to your Facebook business page – or both.

As you probably know, some people prefer reading – and then some prefer watching a video instead. To have blog posts with videos embedded does also improve the SEO rankings of your blog posts.

Price: A short video ad is approx. $25.

Send me a message about what kind of video you’re interested in – and a draft of the text – and I’ll get back to you with an estimated price and we’ll take it from there! => Contact me here

Lead Generation Services: 

  • Create a lead magnet or content upgrade for your target market (your perfect customer) 
  • Write 5 follow-up emails in connection to your lead magnet and product offer 

In case you don’t know why you need to have Lead Magnets – read this post! => Lead Magnets

Ex. of a Lead Magnet for Anti-Aging or nutritional products

=> 9 Tips How To Boost Health and Look Years Younger

Ex. of a Lead Magnet for e.g. a Advertising Agency or a Facebook Marketing course

=> 8 Tips To Create Successful Video Ads On Facebook

Price: A Lead Magnet in a short video or pdf format (max 5 pages) with cover and content start at $25.

Send me a brief message about what kind of Lead Magnet you’re interested in, what niche, your target audience, what you want to upsell to or what the purpose of it is, what format you want it in (video or pdf) – and I’ll get back to you with an estimated price and we’ll take it from there! => Contact me here

Lead Magnet and Video creation for clients usually keep my days busy enough! Sometimes, I have time available for Blog related services and Facebook Marketing services such as:

Blog Management Services:

  • Research blog topics
  • Put together an editorial calendar
  • Write blog articles
  • Upload and formatting posts
  • Creating graphics and add to posts
  • Optimize SEO for posts


Traffic Generation Services on Facebook: 

  • Research your and competitors’ fans and followers
  • Figure out best interest(-s) to target
  • Create Look Alike audiences
  • Design and write copy for ads
  • Create video ads
  • Set up campaigns
  • Set up pixels
  • Track actions and evaluate results of campaign


Ready to get started?! 


If you’re interested, contact me either via my FB page:

or email:

Tell me briefly about your business: your niche, products / services you sell, include a link to your website and tell me what service(-s) you’re interested in – then I’ll get back to you with an offer, including price.

Since each project is different, I create a custom package for each client that fits both their needs and their budget.

For example, if you’re new to blogging, perhaps all you want is help with research and putting together an editorial calendar. Or perhaps all you want is a lead magnet for your target audience, or you may want a short video for Facebook.

If you’re new to Facebook marketing or have little knowledge about it, you might be interested in getting help with creating a video ad.

So tell me briefly what you want and we’ll take it from there!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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