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"How To Create A Successful & Profitable Online Course"

This ebook gives you 11 important steps that will help you create a successful online course!


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Follow the steps outlined in this handy and concise ebook, and you’ll soon have a successful online course to sell and all your efforts will pay off!

“How To Create A Successful & Profitable Online Course” is a short and concise ebook that will give you an overview of all the steps it takes to create an online course:

=> how to choose a course topic (and how to make sure that there’s a market for it)

=> how to create a course outline

=> how to deliver your course online

=> how to name and price it

=> how to market and sell it

=> ...and how to keep your students engaged and motivated

Instead of searching on Google and YouTube, reading lots of articles and watching many videos, this ebook will save you time, you have the basic information you need, and you have many references you can check out - if you need to know more information about something.

This ebook is not going into the details of outlining your lessons or how to record videos etc, but if you have something you want to share – from life or work experience, a hobby or perhaps a special knowledge you have, it will help you get started!

Follow the steps, and you’ll soon have an amazing online course to sell and all your efforts will payoff. Good luck!

Ps: You’ll also get access to a Workbook which you can download. This is a useful tool to follow along when creating your course.