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Facebook Marketing Strategies


A couple of weeks ago I started to dive into a new Facebook training.

So in this post, I share some of my best notes from this training with two well-known Facebook gurus, that you might find useful if you use Facebook to market your business or products.

To start with, why do you think a lot of people LOSE MONEY advertising on Facebook?

A major reason I think is that they miss out on 1 or more of the following 3 things…

There are 3 things you absolutely must have to profit from your Facebook marketing campaigns.

The three things are:

  1. You must know who to target and how to target them.
  2. Your ad must capture their attention and speak directly to them.
  3. There must be a perfect congruence between your ad and the landing page.

Miss just one of these, and you’ll be losing money faster than you think.


If you’ve been using Facebook marketing for a while, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that the marketing platform is always changing something or something is added…

One thing that has changed recently is that you can’t change different ads within an Ad Set when it comes to budget, targeting and placement, all ads will have the same audience, placement, ad schedule and placement.

The budget, targeting and placement are set on the Ad Set level.

On the Ads level, you can vary what people will SEE, such as images, text, CTA buttons and videos.

Since it’s really important to measure the performance of your ads, that is to know exactly which ads are giving you leads and at what cost etc, which ones are not converting or cost too much, then AdEspresso is a great tool to do this.

Here follows a brief description of some of the things AdEspresso can do for you:

Instead of having to manually create 3 Ad Sets for placement in

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right Hand Side ads

….AND then also create new Ad Sets for different audiences, that is one Ad Set for each and every Custom Audience or Interest you choose, each and every country (for you to be able to know what’s converting and at what cost)….

AdEspresso can do that for you with ONE click! Also the split testing to see which ad options are performing best.


You can also easily split test different ad copy, headlines, images etc.

Here is a link if you want to learn more about it:

You can test drive it for free 14 days, then it’s about $49/ month.

So if you only use Facebook advertising now and then for a smaller amount, it’s probably not worth it, but you can still test it for 14 days if you want to.

I have just started using it, and the huge benefit for me is that it creates all the different ad sets and ads automatically (the 3 placements, different images and different ad sets per each interest I choose).

Another benefit with AdEspresso is how easy it is to compile different analytics and data to measure the performance of the ads and to be able to optimize the campaign. It’s also possible to set campaign “rules” like eg. “Pause ads that has a higher CPC than $1 ” and so on.

You can’t use the Facebook stock images in AdEspresso though, so that’s a pity, if you often use these. You have the option to use Canva instead.

Another thing is that if you after 3-4 days notice that 2 of the interests you target are giving you very few or no conversions, then you can pause or delete them, but you can’t add NEW interests directly in AdEspresso if you want to continue split testing new interests, you have to do that in the Power Editor. OR you can copy the campaign and add other interests there.

It’s the same if you choose day-parting when setting up the campaign, as it is now, you can’t change it.

I noticed that with a campaign I did. I could get it started again via the Power Editor, but it kept going back to Pause of Campaign Off, due to the day-parting I choose from the beginning. When I contacted support, they said they are working on it to make those things more flexible, so let’s see!

But if you decide to start using AdEspresso, you know about these issues, so choose day-parting carefully!


Facebook Marketing

Here are some important things to think about BEFORE you start a Facebook Campaign: 


  • Who is your Target Audience? Seek out your perfect BUYER
  • What are you promoting? What problem will it solve?
  • Answer this question: “My product helps people struggling with xxx.”
  • Think about: Who will this benefit? Where are they located?
  • Who else do they LIKE on Facebook?
  • What other interests or pages does your audience like or follow on Facebook?
  • What’s their age range?

…And here are some things to consider when you’re setting up your Facebook Campaign:


  • Start your campaign by choosing the right campaign objective, you have 10 different objectives to choose from
  • If you do Facebook Marketing, you should have a FanPage. Facebook doesn’t like it if you promote things on your personal profile, and you have many advantages for your marketing if you have a FanPage.
  • To get Fans, that is people who like your FanPage, run Page Like ads regularly. Choose the objective: Promote your Page, and optimize for: Likes. Mobile ads are usually the best option for this kind of ads.
  • If you have a FanPage and want more Engagement on your posts, choose the objective: “Boost your Posts” when you start the campaign, and choose: Optimize for Post Engagement.
  • If you want more leads, choose: “Increase conversions on your website” and make sure to add a tracking pixel on a specific website or on the thank you page after your capture page. (Don’t use the same Pixel on different pages/ blogs.) Have the ad Optimized for: Website Conversions  This should be automatically done by FB, but just to make sure, check it! Desktop Newsfeed ads work usually best for this kind of campaign.
  • You should only target 1 country per ad, even if the countries are in the same time zone (for the sake of tracking)
  • And you should only target one Interest or Custom Audience per ad (otherwise you can’t track which interest, audience etc that converts best and to the lowest cost)


I hope you find my Facebook Marketing tips useful. Please SHARE this and comment below if you got value from my Facebook Marketing Strategy Tips! 


Ps. Do you want to learn more how to be successful with Facebook Marketing? 

Here’s a FREE Facebook Training that will help you get started advertising on Facebook in the right way =>> Facebook Marketing Training


As with everything, there is a learning curve with Facebook marketing and other online marketing tactics. So if you’d like to get results FASTER, I highly recommend you to combine your online education with a coach. Having a coach is key to faster results and profits, here is a link where you can get high quality online marketing training and your own professional marketing coach: 

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