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Facebook video ads

Facebook Video Ads: How To Grab Peoples’ Attention And STOP The Scroll 


Facebook video ads can be a very effective way to get attention more visitors to your website and offers. 

With over 2 billion active monthly users, your target market is most likely active and accessible on Facebook, unless you’re in a very unique niche or your audience are teenagers or in the early 20s. For them are usually Instagram and Snapchat more popular.  

How and when do you use Facebook? 


Think about how and when you use Facebook. Do you often open up your Facebook app on your mobile phone whenever you’ve got a bit of downtime?

Perhaps when you’re waiting for a friend, or the bus, or you have a coffee break…

Well, you’re not alone. That’s exactly what many people do. Whenever they have some time to kill, they take out their mobile phone and start checking their Facebook feed (or whatever social media channel they use).

So what happens next?

They SCROLL… And they keep scrolling through the feed until something interesting catches their eyes. 

The very first thing your Facebook video ads must do…


So as a marketer and advertiser, you must understand this behaviour and know how to handle it. Therefore, the very first thing your ads must do is to grab their attention and STOP THE SCROLL.

And how can you do this?

To stop them scrolling and take notice of your ad, you need to say something captivating in front of your viewers in the description box. Don’t say a lot or explain anything, is should just be something that intrigues them. 

Then when the video starts playing, it must show something interesting in the first 3 seconds to keep them watching!!

So what’s the best formula for creating attention getting videos that stop the scroll? Here below are ten smart ways you can use. 


10 smart ways to grab your audience’s attention and stop the scroll: 

1. Humor

Humor is always a winning concept to grab attention on social media. People are bored and hang out on social media sites to be entertained.

So if you can make your videos fun and entertaining they will for sure stop the scroll and viewers will happily engage with them (comment, share, click your link etc). Get creative, share a funny joke! 

2. Tell a story

Whether the goal of your video is to sell a product or introduce an idea, story telling is a very powerful strategy. It’s also great to use story telling for branding purposes.

3. Be different

If you can make your video totally different from your competitors it will definitely stand out in the newsfeed and get noticed. 

4. Be a bit controversial

A controversial statement will stop the scroll, but if it’s too controversial, it will also push viewers away. So you have to be strategic here, and perhaps you want to push away viewers that probably don’t fit in as your target audience anyway?

5.  Ask a question

Ask questions your target audience can relate to and provoke their thoughts. It will stop the scroll and encourage your audience to interact with your post and also lead to conversation.

6.  Curiosity

Curiosity is the secret weapon to get attention on social media. Be intriguing, but don’t tell everything. Curiosity keeps your audience watching your video till the end because they want to know what’s coming next. 

You can for example share a benefit or result you got from using your product, but don’t reveal the name of the product until the very end of the video. Or even better – they must opt-in or comment for more information. 

7. Use statistics 

Statistics may sound boring, but to start your video with a compelling statistic or fact that relates to your audience’s interests can work really well to get their attention. 

8. Quotation

An inspirational quote from the right person can be a good way to connect with and get attention from your audience. 

9. Pain and desire

Using statements with pain and desire you know your audience can relate to, can easily trigger their attention. State something they desire and reveal how to get the results they desire. And with pain – tell them how to avoid it.

However, be careful with how you use pain, because Facebook dislike negativity and your video ad may not be approved. 

10. Tips, Hacks and How-tos 

Tips, Hacks and How To videos can be very effective if you can demonstrate the features of your product or if you want to teach your audience something. 

You’ll find these 10 tips in this FREE download + more tips how to succeed with Facebook video ads

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Facebook video ads

So the first part of your Facebook video ad should focus on Stopping The Scroll. Then when you’ve grabbed your viewer’s attention, it’s time to move on to the second step and present your compelling offer.  => 5 types of offers that work well on Facebook

Are you using video and video ads today?


If you’re not, you should start doing it. Facebook video ads campaigns are often cheaper to run and do often give higher CTR:s and overall better results. 

By using video marketing you also reach a larger audience. More than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands … and that’s more than any other type of content, according to a report from HubSpot Research,

These statistics also speak for themselves:

“…Facebook’s video streams have been growing like gangbusters, and are now up to 4 billion every day…” – Business Insider


“…Facebook users love content that is engaging and videos are considered especially engaging on Facebook and other social media platforms. In fact, it is estimated that mobile video will account for 75% of mobile traffic in 2020… Neil Patel 

Facebook video ads

Do you want some tips how to create effective videos for Facebook?


Facebook video ads work very well for many companies today. A reason for this is that a lot of people enjoy and prefer watching videos over reading.

If you’re not creating videos and videos ads today because you don’t like to do it, or you thinks it’s too complicated, too difficult, or too expensive… then here are some tips for you how to create effective, hight ROI videos for Facebook FAST and easy. 


Facebook Video Ads

=>> Effective Videos & Video Ads for Facebook 


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And if you have any questions about Facebook video ads or want some help creating them, contact me and I’ll be happy to help out!

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Facebook video ads


Facebook video ads

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