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How to find and get to know your perfect customers online

Do you know who your perfect customer online is?

That is, can you describe in detail a persona of who is most likely to buy your product or service?

No matter what business you’re in or what product you sell, you must know who your perfect customer is.

It’s one of the most important factors in marketing.

Some people think: “Everyone is my perfect customer, because everyone needs my product.”

Well, even if that would be true, you also have to consider your competition, why is your product better than theirs?

Another thing to consider is that even though your product is something you think everyone “needs” – everyone has different needs, characteristics, interests, behavior, preferences and lifestyle. Everyone does not WANT your product! 

If you market to “everyone” you market to no one.


You will also soon realize that you can’t market to everyone, it’s waaay to expensive!

So to find your perfect prospect online you have to:

1) know the unique benefits of your products and how to present them

2) get to know and understand your perfect customer 

Another name for your perfect customer is Customer Avatar.

An Avatar is one specific person who represents your target market of ideal prospects that are most likely to want and buy your product or service.

To take the time and make the effort to really get to know your potential customers online is necessary to be able to market your product successfully. 

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Just think about it.

You wouldn’t use the same marketing channels, ads, language and message if you were a travel agency marketing a holiday resort to people in their 20s, as if you were marketing to people in their 60s?

Those are two different segments, they are not only in different age groups, but they most likely also have totally different interests, income, experiences and preferences.

Or let’s say you sell golf equipment, then your marketing message and language would be different if you were targeting beginners than if you were targeting advanced golf players, right?!



Write down a description with as many details as possible about your perfect customers online.


To start with, think about your offer.

Who would really want it? What are the benefits of having it?

Can it help to save time or money?

Who dreams about having it?

Why would your prospect want it? Is it for pleasure?

Or to achieve a goal? Can it enhance confidence?

Does it give prestige to have it?

Or is it to solve a problem or to avoid pain?

In what way is your product better than your competitors?

Depending on your business and products, you can have more than one Customer Avatar. 

You can of course have more than one Avatar, e.g. if you have different products and product categories. You may also want one Avatar for females and one for males, and use different marketing message, language and images for your different Avatars.


Here are some key factors, divided into 3 steps, that you should take into consideration to find and get to know your best prospects and customers online: 

1) Describe your perfect customer

Start with demographic and geographic data such as:

  • Age and gender
  • Is he/ she single or married, a parent or no kids
  • Where does your prospect live? In what town, state, country
  • Does he/ she live in a house or apartment
  • What are his/ her hobbies/ likes/ interests
  • What does your prospect read: Magazines, Books, Newspapers
  • What’s the favorite TV show
  • What about his/ her education, career and income
  • What does he/ she already buy that is similar to your product?
  • Where does he/ she buy it?

Your best potential BUYER is in many cases someone who has purchased similar products or services in the past, or is actively searching for them now.

To get to know your Avatar even more on a deeper level, continue with step 2.


2) Find out where your perfect customer hangs out online

Think about what your perfect customer probably is searching for on Google, Facebook and YouTube (that’s relevant to your product).

What keywords and phrases is he/ she using?

By typing in keywords and phrases you think your ideal customer is typing in, you can do some research on different sites and pages they are reading – and you’ll get to know your ideal customer AND your competition even more!

It will also give you lots of ideas what to post on Social Media, and also what to write on your blog if you have one.

Try also to figure out on what Social Media networks your prospects prefer to hang out online (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Forums, Facebook groups etc).

By doing some research on this, you’ll know which Social Media platform you should focus on and choose as your main Social Media platform to connect and engage with them.


3) Describe your perfect customer’s emotions, values and lifestyle

Think about your prospect’s lifestyle and values:

  • What’s important to him/ her? Is it family, is it having fun with friends, is it a career and making lots of money…?
  • What desires and dreams does your ideal prospect have?
  • What are his/ her fears, problems and pain points in life? Frustrations?

Knowing what you know now about your perfect customer online, consider this:

  • What problems and pains can your product solve for this person?
  • What desires and dreams can your product fulfill?
  • How can your product satisfy their needs and wants?

Now that you know a lot about who your perfect customer is, give your Avatar a NAME.


Give your Avatar(s) a name and add a photo!

Every time you’ll create content on Social Media or your blog or set up a marketing campaign, you’ll just look at the name and photo and you’ll know exactly who you’re marketing to, which will make your marketing more effective and successful.

You’ll know what triggers to use, that is: their pains, problems and desires, what language to use, what pictures that will grab their attention and so on.

People only care about their own problems, interests and desires.


Know your prospect’s problems, interests and desires, and create content around this on Social Media and your blog.

Try to solve their problems and educate them on how your product or service can benefit them.

Focus on the Benefits – not the features.

To show them how, use testimonials and case studies.

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Perfect customers online



Perfect customers online



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