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Free Online Marketing Strategies

8 Effective FREE Online Marketing Strategies To Market Your Business

Online marketing has really transformed how you can build a business and promote products and services that you’re selling. Because to sell your products, you need to do some marketing.

The issue with traditional marketing such as ads in magazines, newspapers, ads on the radio, billboards and television ads, is that it can be really expensive and the reach is limited.

In comparison to traditional advertising, marketing on the internet is cheaper, the reach can be almost unlimited, and it’s in many ways easier to track and evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns – to see which campaigns and strategies are the most profitable ones.

Plus: There are options for online marketing that don’t cost you any money at all!

Here are 8 FREE online marketing strategies that you may want to try for your business:

Free Online Marketing

1) Partner up 

Consider joining forces with another expert or company in your field. You can then offer a more substantial product together than either one of you could offer alone.

In addition, you’ll automatically get the attention of both audiences, highly possibly resulting in more sales and adding more leads to your email list.

In the future, these new leads can drive more sales of another one of your products. Partnering on even one marketing campaign can bring long-term benefits to both of you.

2) Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective way to generate new leads online. It involves creating, publishing and distributing content online to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The content must of course be perceived as valuable and interesting by its target audience.

Click here for more information =>Content Marketing aka Attraction Marketing

It also gives you the possibility to acquire user-generated content, then your website / blog will grow without you having to create all content. Therefore, enable comments on your website / blog and contribute to the discussions. Additionally, allow visitors to submit their own articles and encourage guest posts from other experts.

Content marketing done right will get people to know and trust you.  And with a little knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) you can increase the quantity and quality of traffic (visitors) to your website through organic search results, for keywords and phrases related to your business.


3) Affiliate marketing

When you create an affiliate program for your business, you will be getting other experts and influencers in your field – and perhaps also the public – to send business your way. This can be mutually beneficial, and you will only pay commissions after the sale, if the affiliate makes a sale.

As with the partnering technique, many of these new visitors will sign up for your email list. So even if they don’t buy anything right away, chances are they will bring you long-term benefits and sales.

For more information, click here =>Affiliate Marketing

Free Online Marketing Strategies

4) Be active on Social Media

There are millions of people visiting the various social media platforms daily, so naturally it’s important for your business too to have a presence there.

And the right social media marketing strategy can lead to increased traffic, better SEO, brand loyalty, increased customer satisfaction and much more.

Here are some tips what to post and share on social media:

  • Share funny or interesting images or videos that are relevant to your business.
  • Post insights and valuable information.
  • Let your audience know when you have a sale on your products. Give your social media followers coupons or discounts.
  • Encourage engagement by participating in discussions. Ask questions and answer theirs.
  • Run a survey, poll or contest.

In turn, these will then be shared by your followers, increasing your reach and ultimately resulting in more sales of your products or services.

For more social media tips, click here =>How To Get More Social Media Shares

Social Media Marketing Tips

5) Use free online tools 

There are plenty of tools online that can help your business. You can e.g. sign up for websites that will enable you to create free surveys, to share content or to send emails to your customers. You don’t always have to pay a premium to receive top-notch service.

Here are some tools and websites that are free and can be used for online marketing:

  • : You can post your articles here for free. Medium presents an opportunity to reach a new and bigger audience with your content.
  • : MailerLite is a popular autoresponder tool with a free plan that you can use as long as you like, up until you have 1,000 subscribers on your list, then you’ll need to pay $15/month or more.
  • : This is a question-and-answer website, where questions are asked, answered, followed and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. So you can either answer other people’s questions to get your content out there, or post a question and answer it yourself. At the end, you can include a link back to your blog or website.
  • : This is a tool you can use to create surveys. You can get started with a free version, then there’s a monthly payment. SurveyLegend is another free tool for surveys.
  • : This is a free platform allowing you to put your content in front of social media influencers for them to share it on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mix, FlipBoard and Tumblr. In exchange you have to share other people’s content on your social media networks to get it going. (There is also an option to pay instead of sharing content if you’re short on time.)

6) Change and reuse marketing material and campaigns  

Rather than going through the expensive and time consuming route of creating new material for each and every marketing campaign, try reusing parts of a campaign that has worked well, e.g. images, sales pages and ad copy. This will save you time and money.

Plus, keeping consistent brand imagery and message will help with brand recognition too.

Internet Marketing Mistakes

7) Email marketing 

If people are visiting your website, chances are they are interested in what you have to offer. Make an opt-in form available for them to join your email list and be kept in the loop about future product releases and special offers.

Once they’ve signed up to this email list, you can send emails to these prospects with news and further information about your products. Let them know whenever you launch a new product or something goes on sale.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to drive sales. Treat your list members like gold, because that’s what they are to you and your business.

For a free trial of an excellent autoresponder system, click here =>

For List building tips, click here =>How to build an email list


8) Create some video content

Video content is incredibly important nowadays. It’s not only the younger generation that rather watch a video than read a blog post. If you can create entertaining and interesting videos, you’ll create interest in your brand and you can get the attention from more people.

And it’s basically free! You can create videos with your mobile phone or your laptop, then simply upload them to YouTube – which is free!

To get your videos to show up when people search on certain keywords and phrases, it’s useful to know a little bit about SEO (search engine optimization). If you want to know how to make your videos rank high on search engines like google and YouTube…

Click here =>YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

For a free trial of an amazing video creation tool, click here =>Easy & Professional Video Creation

Digital Marketing

FREE Strategies Might Take Some Time…

As you can see, there are several FREE online marketing strategies you can try for your business. Some of these methods might take some time and effort to implement, though, before you see profits.

For example, it can take a while to build an email list, but once you have a list, making sales can be as easy as sending out an email to your list.

And once you’ve built a social media following, making sales can be as easy as making a post on your social media accounts.

However, if you want to see an immediate ROI, like for a special promotion, you may want to consider paying for ads online.

For more tips =>Useful Facebook Advertising Tips

But if funds are tight, be patient as you put some of these free online marketing strategies into place, and soon you’ll have plenty of ways to make immediate sales for free.

If you want to learn how to drive high quality traffic aka visitors to your website, generating sales day in and day out…

Online Marketing

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful! If you did, please SHARE it with your marketing and online business friends.

And I’d love to know YOUR best FREE online marketing strategy that works really well for you and your business!! 

Here Are Some Awesome Tools and Resources That Can Help You Even More To Succeed:

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Free Online Marketing Strategies


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