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How you can build and grow your home business online effectively 


If you have a home business, a direct sales or a network marketing business, I’m pretty sure you’re interested in learning new ways to…

…get more customers….

…and to recruit more people to join your team.

For most home business owners, it’s not easy to find enough people to sell their products to, and it’s even harder to find people who are interested in joining their business opportunity.


When you have gone through your list of friends  and family, what do you do?


Unless you’re a very outgoing person who loves talking to strangers, and enjoy to always be prospecting whether you’re at the mall, a restaurant or a café, it IS difficult to find enough people to talk to who are truly interested in what you have, no matter what your upline says!!!

That’s why many network marketers turn to the internet to prospect, sell and recruit online.

However, some are doing it in a salesy = no good way, such as spamming on Social Media with links to their products and business opportunity.


Spamming usually ends up with people blocking that person!


They may even get suspended from the Social Media channel they are spamming if a lot of people report complaints.

So you don’t want that!

But how can you effectively use the internet to build your Home Business?

Here are 5 steps that I know many top recruiters and top earners in Network Marketing are using to build and grow their business online: 


5 steps to build your home business online effectively

1) Define your target market

Everyone is NOT your prospect, so first of all you must define and know your target market.

That means, you must have a clear picture and a description of who your ideal customer is, and also who your ideal prospect to join your business is.

Describe your “avatar”: what’s your avatar’s age, gender, family situation, average income, education level etc.

What are their interests, what are their dreams, desires and goals in life?

What fears, problems and pains do they have, what are they struggling with?

How can your product and/ or business opportunity help them reach what they desire and/ or eliminate their pains and problems?

=> Here is how to describe your Perfect Customer: Find Your Perfect Customer Online


2) Use Social Media in a smart way

To use Social Media in a smart way, you don’t want to SPAM your Social Media channels with company links and hundreds of posts about your products or business opportunity.

Instead: Educate, engage and entertain your audience.

Share valuable information and tips that are relevant to your niche. And share stories, testimonials and also fun, entertaining posts now and then.

You want your audience to engage on your Social Media by liking, sharing and commenting, and ultimately that your content goes viral….

=> For more tips about Social Media Marketing: 7 Ways How To Get More Social Media Shares


3) Have your own Blog to brand

To direct your audience from Social Media to a company replicated website is not the best strategy….

It’s ok to do this when you’re brand new and just starting out, but then you should move on to having your own, personal blog.

A blog that brands YOU and not the company you represent.

This is a much more effective long-term strategy for your business.

A huge advantage to have your own Blog is also that you OWN it and you’re in control of it.

The risky part to only use and rely on Social Media platforms is that you don’t own your accounts, they can all of a sudden be terminated for whatever reason you’re not in control of.

=> Set up your own Blog: Build a Blog


4) Have an Autoresponder in place

In most cases, a person needs to be exposed to an offer 3-10 times before he or she decides to take action, that is, buy something, ask for more information or whatever action you want them to take. Your prospects want to get to know, like and trust you before they take action.

You have to develop a relationship with them.

The easiest way to do this is to follow-up with your prospects per email.

With an Autoresponder system in place, which can send out follow-up messages automatically to people interested in your products or business opportunity, you can free up your time and stay connected with 100s or 1000s of people at the same time!

When you use an Autoresponder system, you can capture your prospects name and email address in different strategic places, on your Blog and on your Social Media platforms, so that you can add them to your email list.

=> For more information about List building: Build an email list of ready-to-buy leads 


5) Get tons of traffic (= visitors) to your Social Media posts and Blog

The fastest and easiest way get more visitors and also more engagement on your posts and articles is to add some paid marketing to the game.

If you for example use Facebook, you can “Boost” your Facebook posts to get more viewers and more people who like and share your posts.

And if you’re blogging, you can set up ads on e.g. Facebook or Bing with a link back to your Blog posts.

For more tips about how to get more traffic (visitors) => How to get ultra-targeted traffic to your blog


Do you want to learn more about how to prospect, sell and recruit in an effective way using the internet…?


Home Business Online


Then check out this online training about how to never run out of leads interested in YOUR products and business opportunity.

If you implement this:  You don’t have to chase friends, family and other not-interested people ever again!

By the way, the training is FREE!

All you have to do is to click on the link below and enter your name and best email address!


Home Business & Network Marketing


=>> How To Easily Sell More and Recruit More Team Mates


I hope you found this post useful!

If you do, please LIKE and SHARE it with other home business owners and network marketers you know!


To Your Success!!!


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Social Media Guide

Ps: Are you currently looking for a Home Business? This may be the right one for you!

=> Work With Caroline


Recommended reources:

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A reliable hosting company for your blog or website:

=> SiteGround


Traffic From Facebook and Google

=> Website traffic


Autoresponder System

I use Aweber, which is a pretty easy system to use for Home Business Owners. For more information:

=> Aweber



This is an excellent course if you want to build your own Blog. It  includes training about finding your avatar, branding, SEO etc. They also offer to build a personalized blog for you. For more information:

=> A Blog To Brand


Social Media Networking and Recruiting

=> Recruit For Free With Social Media 


Set up your own ChatBot

=> ChatBot


How to build your home business online





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