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Health and Wellness Business


How To Crush It With Your Health and Wellness or Beauty Business


Are you in a health and wellness business, or a beauty and skin care business, and you really want to CRUSH it??!!!

There are many health and beauty direct sales and network marketing companies out there, with great products. (Or perhaps you’ve created your own brand and products?!)

In any case, there’s a lot of potential to succeed with a health and wellness business and/ or a beauty business if you’re willing to put in some hard work in the beginning.

More and more people are concerned about their health, weight, looks, and overall wellness.


There are lots of people who are willing to spend money on products and services that help them look and feel great.

Health and wellness is a multi billion dollar industry, so is the skin care and beauty industry.

However… you’ve probably noticed that there’s A LOT of competition too…!!!

So how can you stand out in the crowd?

And how can you get enough leads, prospects, sales and team mates to make your business profitable?

Here are 5 tips how to crush it with your health and wellness business or beauty business:

1) Pick a product you’re passionate about

Some directs sales and network marketing companies have lots of different products and product categories: It can be nutritional supplements, weight loss supplements, skin care products, makeup, personal care products, healthy coffee etc.

To avoid scattering your time and marketing budget too much, it’s not the best idea to promote “all” the different products. Instead pick 1 or 2 products (or product categories) to focus on as your main product(-s) to market and sell.

Pick products you feel passionate about, that you are interested in and that you personally want to use and can see yourself benefit from.

This is also a great opportunity for you to create your own personal “Product Story”. This is a product testimonial you can share with your family, friends and other people as well.

=> If you e.g. want to lose some weight and get more fit: Focus on the company’s weight loss products, buy the weight loss products and start using them. Make sure you write down your weight and measurements in a journal to keep track of your improvements and share your results directly when talking to people and also on social media.

If your company do weight loss competitions, sign up for it and try to get someone in your family or a friend to do it with you.

When you and your family member or friend(-s) have reached your weight loss and fitness goals, you have great testimonials to share and to tell friends and potential customers.

=> If you’re passionate about makeup and skin care: Buy those products, use them and share what you love about them, the results and compliments you get and how they make you feel.Take before and after pics and share on Social Media.

I’m also sure that you have friends who will be happy to act as models for you so that you can demonstrate how great the products are, how your skin care products and makeup can make them look and feel their best!

=> If you’re interested in anti-aging and age reversal: That is, how to get older without the typical health problems associated with aging – then go for those products. Buy and use them, then share your experience and results.

With time, you can of course also add other products to promote, or change the product /product category you focus on to another one if you want to.

Download this free worksheet if you want to know how to find more customers:
=> => How To Find and Get to Know Your Perfect Customer 


2) Tell Your Friends

When you start out in a direct sales or network marketing company, I’m sure you feel very excited about the products and the business potential.

Many companies tell their distributors to make a list of 100 people to contact about the products they sell – and the business opportunity.

Keep in mind though, that most people are NOT interested in a home business.

Think about it. Let’s say that you would open up a flower shop in your town. Then I’m sure many of your family and friends would come to your shop and buy flowers now and then to support you and your business.

But if you’d ask them to open up a similar flower shop, I don’t think so many of them would be interested to do that??!!!

Most times, it’s better to approach your warm market, that is your family and friends, in a product oriented way.

Let’s say you’ve just started selling an energy drink, then you could say something like:

“Hey, I’ve just started to sell a powerful energy drink that really boosts the energy levels. It really helps me to stay energetic and concentrated all day.

Could you do me a favor and support me by getting a 30-60 days supply of it to test it out and see if you notice the same energy boost as I do?

If you don’t like it, I won’t ask you again, but I’m sure you’ll love it, it tastes delicious. I need testimonials, and would love to have you try this out.”

I’m sure you’ll find that many family members and friends will want to support you by testing the products you’re selling if you ask them in a casual, non-pushy way.

And perhaps some of them will also be interested in the business opportunity after having tried the products!

Health and Wellness Business

3) Study, Share and Suggest

Study and educate yourself on topics relevant to the products you’re selling in your health and wellness business. 

Read books, magazines and follow “experts” and gurus online on Social Media, read their blogs, watch their videos etc.

There are also online courses you can sign up for, you may also find courses offered in your local town related to health, wellness, makeup, skin care etc.

For example, if you choose to focus on anti-aging and age reversal, then study and learn more about healthy living, healthy daily habits and foods that promote youthfulness and so on.

Study anti-aging experts, study anti-aging research, then share the knowledge you learn with your friends and family, and other people you meet and talk to – when the occasion turns up.

Let’s say you start talking to someone when you’re out shopping and he /she complains about joint pain – then you can suggest a product you sell. Don’t tell the person about all the ingredients etc, but tell the person what it DOES, and how it can help him/ her.

If makeup is what you’re passionate about, follow some makeup blogs and read magazines to stay updated on the latest makeup trends and fashion – and share this with your prospects – offline and online. Share tips about skin care, colors and makeup tricks to improve their looks.

Offer makeup workshops, and sell your products to a discounted price to the participants.

The formula for success is basically:

  1. Study a health and wellness and / or a beauty topic that interests you
  2. Teach and share what you’ve learned
  3. Suggest a congruent product you sell

Social Media Marketing

4) Use Social Media

For direct sales persons and network marketers, home parties and hotel meetings used to be the “big” thing…

Many are still doing it successfully.

But even if you enjoy doing those parties, it’s a smart idea to also use the Internet and Social Media – which most also do.

However, some are not using Social Media in a good way. Some network marketers think that Social Media Marketing is all about posting lots of product and company links.

Which is not a brilliant idea, since the majority of people will ignore it and regard it as SPAM.

So when you post on Social Media, don’t mention or post pictures of your specific products. Wait with that till you follow up with a person who is interested and when you’ve built a relationship with your online prospect.

Otherwise, they may just as well Google your product or company and end up buying from someone else.

Instead, share testimonials and posts that are interesting, engaging and entertaining to your target audience.

Ask intriguing questions such as:

  • What’s the one thing you wish you could change about your health?
  • What’s the one thing you wish you could change about your fitness?
  • What’s the one thing you wish you could change about your looks?
  • What’s your number one unhealthy food weakness?
  • What does the dry weather during the winter months do to your skin?

Talk about topics that your product addresses and you’ll get engagement from people who would be great customers, and perhaps also team mates.

Think about it, people who want to change something about their health, body or looks, people who have food weaknesses, and people who want better skin are definitely high quality prospects for your health and wellness and / or beauty products!


=>> Tip: Here in this video you’ll find 2 examples of how to use Attraction Marketing for Health & Wellness and Beauty products: 



5) Brand yourself

If you don’t know how to brand yourself, it’s basically:

What do you want to be known for?

I don’t know if there is any direct sales or network marketing company that teaches “how to brand yourself”… but look at all top earners in those companies.

One thing they have in common is that they brand themselves.

Why is this important?

It’s important because people join people and it sets you apart from other distributors.

So you can position yourself as a health and wellness coach if you sell health and wellness products, or as a fitness coach if you’re more passionate about sharing tips about exercises, getting fit, building muscles and so on, or as a beauty and makeup expert if makeup and skin care is the niche you’ve chosen and are passionate about.

You can also go business opportunity direction and focus on lifestyle and what’s possible as an Entrepreneur, the freedom it can give you etc. Position yourself as an online coach who can e.g. help other network marketers to generate leads and recruit more team mates.

You can build your brand just using Social Media. You can have a Facebook page, you can post on your Instagram and Pinterest networks, share videos on your YouTube channel etc.

However, the downside with only using Social Media is that you don’t own your accounts. It happens every day that a network shut down accounts for any reason. So if you’ve built your business with e.g. Instagram and have many followers there, and you lose your account… then it’s really no fun….

Therefore, it’s recommended to have a blog and domain that you own as your main hub. If you own your blog, then you’re in control and no one can take it away from you (note: free blogs are different).

Another great thing with a blog is that a blog positions you as an authority in your niche.

=>> If you want to learn more about blogging, branding and social media – I highly recommend you to check out this FREE training: Branding, Blogging and Social Media


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Attraction Marketing

I hope you found’ve this post useful for your health and wellness business, or your beauty and skin care business, and let me know if you have any questions.

Please SHARE this post with other network marketers or direct sales reps you think may find this it useful for their business too!

To Your Success!!!

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Health and Wellness Business


Health and wellness business



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