How To Have Prospects Cheerfully Buy Your Products

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Sell more online to happy prospects

How To Have Prospects Cheerfully Buy Your Products Over And Over Again – No Persuasion Needed


To have prospects eagerly join your email list or follow you on social media, and cheerfully buy product after product that you recommend – without any persuasion or hard-selling needed, that sounds like magic, right?

But it is not magic for top earners and top online marketers!

As you probably have noticed – it’s so EASY for established top earners and top marketers to get people to:

  • follow them on social media
  • engage with them on social media
  • read their blog posts
  • watch their videos
  • buy their products – and affiliate products
  • join their membership clubs or in some cases an affiliate program or a network marketing opportunity

So how do they do that???!!

How come this is SO EASY for them while it’s such a STRUGGLE for the majority of online marketers?

The truth is that they have an “unfair” advantage… and that’s AUTHORITY.


They have gained authority because they are successful at what they do. They have already built successful businesses and have income results to prove they know what they teach and do.

Moreover, they have also established a well-known BRAND in the industry – so people know, like and trust them.

What does it actually mean to have authority and how do you get it?

We actually tend to automatically defer authority to people in positions of power, special knowledge or impressive credentials.

When you hear the word authority, you probably think of special professions, like a police officer, a doctor or a CEO of a big company.

In the online world, a person with authority has established a position of celebrity and leadership, based on results, knowledge, wisdom and insight – but also on natural talents, traits and experiences.

And thanks to authority, “celebrity status” and a well-known BRAND, top earners and top marketers have no problems to sell online and to build and grow a big email list or a huge following on Social Media.


If nobody knows who you are, it’s ridiculously more difficult to sell products online or have people to join your team.


Top online earners and marketers simply share their expertise, experiences, lifestyle, knowledge and opinions – and the people on their email list and their social media audience(s) take action on whatever they say and BUY what they recommend.

Without having a well known brand, it’s not as easy to get people to opt-in to your email list, to grow your following fast on Social Media, to sell your products online or have people to join your affiliate program or business opportunity.

So if you struggle to sell your products online and you don’t have a big email list, you don’t have lots of fans or followers on Facebook or any other Social Media site….

…you need to focus on creating your own unique brand and becoming an authority in your target market.

The Power of Authority 


Having a strong brand and the authority that follows with it, is the “unfair” advantage the top earners and famous marketing gurus out there have, that make selling so easy for them.

All they have to do is to send an email to their list, do a Facebook Live or write a social media post and recommend a product – and people will buy it.

Or if they say that they have joined a new business opportunity or affiliate program – people will join them, just like that.

They will not have objections like “I have to think about it” or “I must first do some research about the company and the comp plan”. No, they will just ask “Where is a link so that I can sign up?”

Authority is a very powerful psychological trigger – in the offline world and also in the online world.

It automatically gives credibility and influence.


Sell more online with Authority

How can you get Authority?


So the question is, how did the top earners and top marketers get their authority?

And more importantly: how can you get your fair share or this “unfair advantage”, so you can sell your products and services online a lot easier?

The thing is that you can’t claim authority.

If a person “claims” to be an authority in a niche, but don’t have the results, credentials, the knowledge, expertise, experience, lifestyle or whatever he claims to have – then that person will pretty soon be revealed as a fraud.

The best way to establish authority online is through content marketing.

Instead of selling – you consistently help, teach and educate your target market.

You provide your target market, your online audience, with content that is educational, informative, and entertaining,

Content that helps them:

  • solve their problems
  • answer their “burning” questions
  • get what they want faster and easier
  • reach their goals and dreams

That’s basically how famous top online earners, top recruiters and marketing gurus have established their famous brand and authority.

They have demonstrated their authority through valuable content and helping people solve problems, reach their business goals and perhaps even improve their lives.

So if you consistently provide your target market with solutions to their biggest problems, if you help them get what THEY want – they will start seeing you as an authority – and you’ll build your list and following much easier and faster.

You’ll also sell more products and more people will join your business or team automatically. All without any pushy sales tactics or persuading needed.


How you can increase your personal value and authority


As I’ve already mentioned, the best way to to create a strong brand and to become an authority is to demonstrate your value and knowledge through content.

You can share that content through different mediums, it can be: a blog post, a video, a podcast etc.

Your value to the market place is your self-wealth based on your knowledge, skills, experience and natural talents.

This is also how you differentiate yourself and your brand.

If you want to INCREASE your personal value and authority – you can do that by investing in yourself and your knowledge.

You can do this through reading books, reading / watching content online and through courses, and trainings in the specific field you want to be perceived as an authority.

To get a good coach and go to events in your industry are also great ways to increase your knowledge and value in the market place.

Perhaps you want to become the “go-to” authority person for blogging, or Facebook marketing or how to write converting sales copy.

A simple but important concept to this is: Invest + Learn + Teach

Meaning: Invest in your education and knowledge + Learn and Implement + Then Teach and share this knowledge in form of valuable content with your target market/ audience = and Success will follow

How To Sell To Your Email List and Audience


So when you have built an email list and/ or an audience on Social Media, you have to keep engaging with them and build rapport – by helping them to solve THEIR problems and get the results they want. Share useful tips and be entertaining.

If you do this, you will also have that “unfair” advantage that makes it SO much easier to SELL ONLINE!

To make the selling easier you’ll want to create and set up a process to move your leads through – to present and promote different offers related to your target market – that you believe can solve their problems, be useful and help them get what they desire.

If you want to learn more about how to do this, I have 2 trainings for you – where you will learn A LOT about this. And both are FREE!!!

So if you’re an online marketer or affiliate marketer, and you want to increase your knowledge about how to market successfully online, how to set up sales funnels that convert to sales, how a value ladder works, how to get lots of visitors to your sales pages etc, I highly recommend this FREE training:

=>> How To Build an Internet Lifestyle Business


And if you’re a network marketer – and affiliate marketer, I recommend this FREE training:

=>> How To Attract the Best Prospects For Your Business


Remember, to create a powerful brand and establish authority you must increase your VALUE in the market place, and you do this by increasing your knowledge that you then share with your target market!!

Now, get started with building your BRAND and establish AUTHORITY in your niche, so that you also have your fair share of the top earners’ “unfair” advantage!



Online Marketing Tools and Resources

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To get lots of quality traffic to your offers online FAST, you want to use paid marketing.

The easiest and fastest traffic sources to use, in my experience, are Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) ads and Solo Ads.

But before you get started with it, it’s smart to invest some time (and money) to learn how to do it “the right way” – or it might be very expensive and you may not get the results you want.

For Facebook Marketing click here: Facebook Marketing (free webinar)

For Solo Ads click here: Solo Ads Success Formula


Video Marketing

Video Marketing is another way you can get lots of traffic fast, and it’s free! You “pay” with your time making the videos.

This is a video marketing system that is super EASY to use. You can produce beautiful and professionally looking videos in no time.

You don’t even have to film yourself if you don’t want to, you can just enter text and the system formats video slides for you automatically. You can then edit the slides with pictures, bold text, different colors and backgrounds etc.

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Headline Template Formulas

Free templates, with examples, how to write attention grabbing headlines.

You can use them for creating your Facebook ads, Solo ads, Blog Post titles, Video titles, Social Media Posts, Email follow-ups etc.

Attention grabbing headlines: Headline Template Formula



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