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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed With Online Business

5 Simple Hacks To Overcome Common Challenges Facing Online Business Entrepreneurs


To be an online entrepreneur means time freedom and not having a B.O.S.S., which is great.

But it can also be hard to stay focused and disciplined.

Moreover, it can be difficult to know what activities to do and focus on in your online business.

Because, when you’re an entrepreneur, nobody tells you anymore what to do! You suddenly have lots of options of what to do with your time. Therefore…


Many online entrepreneurs struggle with the following challenges: 


1. Feeling overwhelmed
2. Don’t know where to start or what to focus on
3. Lack of results


This is especially true when they start up their online business.

Because, there is no perfect strategy that’s the best one for every business… There are many different strategies and tactics to choose from, and there are new tactics and distractions coming your way every day. Therefore it’s easy to feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and to spend the time doing the WRONG things.

And if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know exactly what you should do to move your business FORWARD, you probably also lack the results you’re looking for.

So here are 5 tips that can help you to stop feeling overwhelmed, to know where to start and what to focus on, and to FINALLY start seeing some desired results.


5 Tips How To Overcome Common Challenges Facing Online Business Entrepreneurs:


Tip 1. How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

In a way, the feeling of overwhelm is “false”. It’s a perception and a feeling we generate for ourselves. It’s our inability to process a large amount of information that causes this feeling.

The best way to “cure” it, is to process all the information coming in. The best way is to use that information, to take action on it.

Let’s say for example you want to start buying traffic (= get visitors) to your website and offers. You decide you want to place ads on Facebook, so you start searching for this online, and you start reading articles about it, you watch videos about it, you sign up for free ebooks about it, and perhaps you invest in a course about Facebook marketing etc.

But if you don’t start processing all this information coming to you, by implementing what you learn, you’ll soon feel overwhelmed and the risk is that you get stuck in learning mode.

Remember to implement what you learn, the sooner the better.


Tip 2. What You Should Start With And What Activities To Focus On

What you should start with is to write down a marketing plan if you don’t have one.

It doesn’t have to be several pages as for a big company, but it should briefly describe:

  • your products and/ or services, what benefits and solutions they offer
  • your competition
  • your target market (who can benefit from your products / services)
  • your pricing, positioning and branding
  • your budget for marketing
  • marketing goals (number of customers, sales, brand awareness etc)
  • communication strategy (and your USP)
  • marketing strategies (blogging, social media, Facebook ads, personal selling etc)

To learn more, visit:

Now when you have a marketing plan, you will also know what activities you have to do and focus on.

You also need to write down an Action Plan, that outlines the activities you need to do to reach your marketing goals. Describe the strategies and tactics you will use to accomplish this. Then follow your plan, and focus on FEWER things, learn how to master them before you move on to something else.

Having a marketing plan with marketing goals etc also helps you to see where you are now, and if you are on the right path to reach your goals or if you must change your direction.


Have a Marketing Plan - Focus on the right activities in your online businessMust “haves” in your online business: A Marketing Plan and an Action Plan 


Tip 3. How To Fix Your Lack of Results

If you think you’re getting no results think of it this way: There is a difference between results and a desired outcome.

The thing is, that even though you think that you’re getting no results with e.g. your Facebook ads, the fact is that you ARE getting results – although it’s not always the results you want!

What you need to do is to monitor your results, look at the stats, monitor the metrics and learn from it. (Click here to learn what metrics on Facebook you should monitor: Facebook metrics )

On the other hand, you may not have reached your desired outcome, which might be to get 1.000 fans on your Facebook page, make 10 sales online per month with Facebook ads, build a list of 10.000 subscribers or become a 6-figure earner within 12 months.

But if you start analyzing and monitoring the results you ARE getting with your Facebook ads, and you see that you’re not on the right path to reach your desired outcome, then you know that you can’t continue with exactly what you’re doing, so you use these results as information that you need to tweak your ads – or you may decide to create a new ad instead.

To reach your desired goals and outcomes in your business – and in life – is also a mindset thing. Make sure you don’t focus your energy on “NOT losing”, but focus on “WINING”. 


Tip 4. Avoid the “Learning Mode” Trap and the “Shiny Objects” Syndrom

Another thing that happen to many new online entrepreneurs is that they get stuck in the “learning mode” trap or the “shiny objects” syndrom. There is so much information out there. And there are so many appealing offers coming your way every day.

But even though having an open mind for new stuff (shiny objects) and watching videos, reading books, attending webinars and trainings (learning mode) are all important…

…they don’t really drive your business FORWARD. 

To run an online business is more difficult than an offline business in that sense that there are so many distractions. You can spend hours checking out and learning more about the latest “shiny object”, and you can spend the whole day in Facebook groups, on Google community pages and watching YouTube videos.

And it seems like you’re working.

But the truth is that, if we look at the difference between working on things that drive our business FORWARD versus doing everything else, then often times many online entrepreneurs don’t “work” very much at all.

Ask yourself: Am I learning or doing?

That’s how you can differentiate if you’re doing activities that drives your business forward or not.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend any time learning: going to webinars, watching videos, reading blogs and emails etc. You need to do those things, but don’t spend ALL of your day doing it.


Tip 5. Make sure you allocate your time wisely. Remember the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule says that:

80% of your results in life will come from 20% of your activity.  <<Click here to Tweet>>

As a solo business entrepreneur, you have to do EVERYTHING yourself, at least when starting out. Later on, you’ll probably choose to outsource some tasks or to have a virtual assistant.

But there are many tasks and activities you have to do as an online entrepreneur, such as: keyword research, SEO, back linking, social media updates, searching for images, graphic design, website design, technical issues, and much more.

These activities can easily take 80% of your time.

However, the money making activities you should focus on doing in your business are those connected to the Sales Process. Because these activities normally account for 80% of your results in the online world. 

The Sales Process includes the following activities:

  • Traffic Generation (getting qualified visitors to your site)
  • Lead Generation (building your list of interested leads)
  • Sales Conversions (creating sales and customers)
  • Follow-up and Customer Value Optimisation (follow-up with leads with email marketing, sell more to existing customers and have an ascension style sales funnel in place)


To work smarter, set up automated systems that work for you 24/7


The good news is that you can set up automated SYSTEMS on the internet, that takes care of the list building and the sales process on autopilot for you. This will help you to “work smarter” and free up time for you, so that you can focus on other things in your business or in your private life instead if you prefer.

An automated system, when set up right, will build an email list of leads who are interested in your products and services, and it will also convert a percentage of those leads into sales on autopilot. The best way is to offer a free give away, a so called Lead Magnet, to your target audience. A Lead Magnet can e.g. be a free report or video about a topic your target audience wants to learn about or find a solution to a special problem they have.

Here’s a perfect GUIDE for you how to create Lead Magnets that are perfect for your target audience => 7 Step Lead Magnet Creation Guide

And if you want to learn more about how to set up automated systems for list building and selling online, here’s a FREE video training =>

Click here => Simple Hacks To Build A List And Automate Your Business


Do you have limited time to work on your online business and want a SHORTCUT to get into profit mode?


If you’ve limited time or think it sounds too complicated  and too much work to set up list building systems and sales funnels online, you can tap into a complete marketing system where list building and sales funnels are already built for you. Including the email follow-up with leads and customers is “done-for-you”. It also allows you to earn high ticket commissions and residual income.

With this system, you can also set up your own blog and build your own capture pages, sales pages and sales funnels for any products or company you want to promote online. You also get access to a goldmine of marketing training.

This specific marketing system has helped thousands of online entrepreneurs to get profitable and make sales online faster. 

To learn more click here:

Marketing System For Faster Online Success


I hope the tips in this blog post can help you overcome challenges like feeling overwhelmed, not know where to start and what to focus on in your business, and that you instead will FINALLY be on the right path to reach your desired outcome.

Please like this post and share it with other overwhelmed or confused struggling online entrepreneurs you may know! 



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How to overcome challenges facing business entrepreneurs



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