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Headline Template Formulas

Free templates, with examples, for how to write attention grabbing headlines.

You can use them for creating your Facebook ads, Blog Post titles, Video titles, Social Media Posts, Email follow-ups etc:

=> Headline Template Formula






Best Customers Online

Find Your BEST Customers Online

Free worksheet that can help you to find your BEST customers online. This worksheet can help you get to know your customers on a deeper level and so that you can help them to solve their problems and get the results they want!

=> Find Your Best Customers Online




Video Marketing System and SEO Cheatsheet

To upload videos on YouTube is FREE!! And with this video marketing system, you can produce beautiful and professionally looking videos in no time.

It’s super easy to use, you just enter the text and the system formats the video slides with text for you automatically. You can then edit the slides with pictures, bold text, different colors and backgrounds etc.

Get a 7-day free trial of the system here:

=> Video Marketing System FREE Trial

=> Grab Your FREE YouTube SEO Cheatsheet

Build an Email list

In most cases, a person needs to be exposed to an offer 3-10 times before he or she decides to take action. Your prospects want to get to know, like and trust you before they buy anything. The easiest way to do this is to follow-up with your prospects per email.

With an Autoresponder system, you can capture your prospects name and email address and then send out follow-up messages automatically. Best way is to offer your prospects a FREE Lead Magnet in exchange of their contact information.

=> Lead Magnet Creation Guide and Worksheet

=> Build an email list of ready-to-buy leads

=> Get a Professional Autoresponder System (Free Trial)




Done-For-You Chatbot

Build your list quickly and explode SALES with this Chatbot. No complicated coding, works for any website – just ONE click of code!

The Future Of Automated Website Conversions

=> Chatbot Made Easy


FREE Attraction Marketing Training for Network Marketers

These free online trainings explain how to use the internet to never run out of leads interested in YOUR network marketing products and business opportunity.

You’ll never have to waste your time and money “chasing” friends and family or people at the mall again!

=> How To Easily Sell More and Recruit More Team Mates With Attraction Marketing

=> Network Marketer’s Ultimate Guide To Professional Social Media Prospecting


Get tons of traffic (= visitors) to your blog or website

The fastest and easiest way get more visitors and also more engagement on your posts and articles is to add some paid marketing to the game.

If you for example use Facebook, you can “Boost” your Facebook posts to get more viewers and more people who like and share your posts. And if you’re blogging, you can set up ads on e.g. Facebook or Bing with a link back to your Blog posts. For free training on how to get more traffic:

=> How to get ultra-targeted traffic with Facebook

=> No 1 Traffic Hack to get 100 new leads per day

Internet Laptop Lifestyle

Hosting Company

You need a host for your blog (or website). I use Siteground, it’s the most affordable, robust, and user-friendly web hosting provider I’ve used. If you want outstanding support and reliable hosting I recommend you to check it out.

=> SiteGround


Build a Blog to brand

A blog that brands YOU is a great long-term strategy for your business. A huge advantage to have your own Blog is that you OWN it and you’re in control of it (unlike with Social Media platforms that you don’t own).

This is an excellent course if you want to build your own Blog. It also includes useful training about finding your target market, branding, SEO etc. For more information:

=> A Blog To Brand


Marketing System and Training:

If you want to learn how to be successful with online marketing and selling, how to build sales funnels with front-end sales, back-end sales, up-sells and down-sells etc, this is the system for you.

You get access to 18 training modules where you learn all you need to know about selling online and affiliate marketing, you even get access to a coach. You can use what you learn to market anything online. Additionally, you also have the opportunity to market this system as an affiliate and earn high ticket commissions and residual income. With this system, you tap into done-for-you sales funnels, email follow-ups with leads and customers and even done-for-you traffic. Want to learn more? Click here:

=> Super Affiliate Network


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