6 Critical Marketing Design Flaws of Blogs

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Design Flaws of Blogs

The 6 most critical marketing design flaws of many blogs.


Ray Higdon started blogging in 2009, and he is today an $8 Million earner and a Network Marketing legend…

So who wouldn’t want to learn blogging from a guy who has a blog with a category rank 20,021 in the entire USA (alexa.com) with millions of blogs out there, and who gets over an average of 300,000 visitors a month?

I certainly do! I had recently the privilege to be on a blog training with Ray Higdon, where he gave away LOADS of great advice and tips about blogging.

Today, I’ll share with you what this professional blogger considers to be:

You should pay attention to this, because Ray’s private clients pay happily around $5,000 for him to critique and review their blogs!!! 


Here are the 6 most common blog design flaws: 


1) The blog owner’s face is not in the banner 


This one can be fixed easily, just add a photo of you on the banner, use e.g. Canva.com. If you don’t know how to do it – outsource it to e.g. Fiverr.com for $5.

2) There is no great giveaway offered 


To offer a great giveaway is the most important thing, because this is how you get leads and will start building your list.

3) There is no PS line on every post 


If you go to Ray’s blog, www.rayhigdon.com you’ll notice that he has a PS line on every blog post more or less. This is a really smart way to offer other products, your own, affiliate products, or you can offer a free gift or recommend another of your blog posts.

4) There is no blog signature 


Again, have a look at Ray’s blog, and you’ll see that he has a picture of himself (the blog owner and author), and he’s also giving his contacts, mail and phone.

5) There are no pictures in the blog posts 


A blog post without picture become a bit boring… and you also miss out on the possibility to tag the pictures, which is good for SEO.

6) There is no congruency in the content 


According to Ray, a blog’s content should be congruent. That is, if you say that your blog is about Health & Wellness, then that is the topic you should blog about.

You shouldn’t have blog posts about how to market your MLM online or how to do affiliate marketing, only write content about what your target market is interested in. If your target market is people interested in Health & Wellness, then they would be confused if you added posts about eg marketing online.

Well, you should be smiling right now – you just got value for about $5,000 for FREE!!! 😉

I know that I’m guilty of some of these flaws too, I will have to review my blogs and start correcting this!


Do you have a blog today? And if you have, are you happy with the design of it?


If you don’t have a blog yet, or if you’re not happy with the design of your blog, I can highly recommend you check out this video “How To Build A Blog” by Tanya Aliza. 

Tanya is a very successful blogger and home business owner, she started out learning blogging and branding from Ray Higdon.

She has developed several online courses, one of them is a blogging and branding course. I’ve completed it and this course is totally awesome. It’s very easy to follow along her course and build your own blog or re-design the one you have, even if you’re not “super techie”. 


You can check it out here:

==> Tanya’s Successful Branding & Blogging Blueprint


And here is a FREE report on how to create a perfect blog post!

==> A Perfect Blog Post


If you have any questions about how to best build a blog or about the blogging courses I recommend, just let me know!


And please SHARE this post if you’ve found these blogging design tips valuable! 




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Ps: I’ve built a completely new blog myself, following Tanya’s blog and branding course. Here’s the link if you’d like to see what it looks like www.carolinekonline.com  🙂 

The blog is in the health, wellness and anti-aging niche. I’d be happy for any feedback from you! 


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