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Avoid these sales copy writing mistakes

5 Sales Copy Writing Mistakes To Avoid:

Are These 5 Writing Mistakes Killing Your Sales?


Are you good at writing sales copy?

If you are, consider yourself lucky. Because if you’re really good at writing sales copy, you can basically “print your own money”. 

As a marketer, you have to write a lot… blog posts, sales letters, emails, social media posts, ads…. unless you can hire someone to do it for you of course.

I recently attended a webinar with no less than Marie Forleo!

In the webinar she shared “5 writing mistakes that are killing your sales – and how to avoid them”

And like everything else she’s teaching it was really useful – so I’m sharing my takeaways here with you:

5 writing mistakes that are killing your sales – and how to avoid them

Writing Mistakes

Mistake #1: Your writing is too self-centered

Whenever you write, always remember, that it’s not about you, your knowledge or your credentials.

Don’t be “me-focused”, instead be “audience and customer focused”.

Direct the big spot light on your audience, on your customers – and try to help them with their problems, help them to reach their goals.

You have to try to connect with your readers on an emotional level, and join the conversation going on in their heads.

Write down your audience’ / customers’ problems, fears, dreams – their emotions and thoughts.

Ex: “I need help with ______ “   (my relationship/  my high blood pressure/  my Facebook ads)

“I wish I could _____ “  ( be a better spouse /  lower my blood pressure /  get results with my ads)

Think about how your advice can fit their needs?

Use a Problem – Solution framework, and be specific about your solution. Use case studies and real numbers whenever you can.

Show how your solution (your product or service) can help them achieve the results they want.


Mistake #2: Writing like a Robot

It’s important to spell correctly and avoid “bad grammar”, but  D-O  N-O-T  S-O-U-N-D like a ROBOT!!  

It’s much more important that your writing is conversational…. You must sound and write like a human and mimic how we speak.


Mistake #3: No clear message

The clearest marketer always win. Don’t use too difficult or confusing words or sentences – unless you have to (e.g. you’re a professor or scientist writing to a specific audience).

Make sure your message is clear, always have your readers in your mind, because a confused mind always says NO.


Mistake #4: Your headlines and subject lines are an afterthought

Good headlines can make or break your business. You must have attention grabbing headlines to get noticed, there’s so much competition out there.

Write 20-30 headlines and subject lines every time you need one! And then select the best of them that stands out.

To get good at writing great headlines requires time and effort – and it takes volume.

Get inspiration from headlines in magazines, on the internet – and then tweak them for your own products, message and brand.

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Mistake #5: You don’t begin with the end in mind

Before you start writing a blog post, an email or a social media post – reverse engineer and think about what you want as a RESULT from reading your blog, email or social media post?

Have a clear call to action (CTA) at the end and tell them exactly what to do. Don’t assume they know what you want them to do.

Ex. of CTAs:

  • Click the link
  • Request a free consultation here
  • Download this free report now
  • Click here to add this to your cart now
  • Share this with your friends on Facebook


I’m sure you know Marie Forleo is, but if not – check her out, she’s awesome! => Marie TV

And if you ever struggle with writer’s block? Get Marie’s tips how to tackle it here =>


Sales copy writing mistakes

Some final words about writing sales copy


Keep it simple, be clear on who you’re writing to, use their language and don’t over-complicate it when you write.

Start with an attention grabbing headline. A good headline focuses on one big idea – usually your most important benefit.

And every time you write something, you must also know the purpose with it, the end-goal.

What is the main message you want to communicate to your audience? What’s the takeaway for your readers, why would they read it? What will they get out of it?

“Make sure your message is clear, always have your readers in your mind, because a confused mind always says NO” Marie Forleo @Marie TV

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Make sure it’s useful for your audience and demonstrate how it can help them solve a problem or how it can help them achieve a result they want. 

And remember that short sentences are easier to read. Don’t worry about broken sentences. Your English teacher in high school did probably not approve sentences starting with And, But, or Because. However, sales copy is different and needs to be conversational and easy to read.

I hope this blog post can help YOU in your marketing to connect better with your audience and customers – and increase your sales! Please Like and Share on your favorite social media networks if you found value!


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5 Sales Copy Writing Mistakes


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