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Prospects' real problems

Know Your Prospects’ REAL Problems And You Can Sell WITHOUT Selling 


If you think about it… marketers and entrepreneurs NEED problems to survive.

Because at the end of the day, marketers and entrepreneurs are problem solvers. Without a problem, there is no need for a product. So to be a successful marketer and entrepreneur, you have to be a powerful problem solver.

However, successful marketers also know that all problems are NOT created equal: More problems are not = more money.

That’s why you shouldn’t focus on solving MORE problems, but rather solving your ideal prospects’ most pressing REAL problems. 

Sometimes it’s easy to know a person’s most pressing problem. Like the girl in the image above – her most pressing problem she wants a solution to, is to get her car fixed. But it’s not always this obvious.

Do you know your ideal prospects’ REAL problems?


When it comes to marketing, you can’t assume that you know your prospects’ real problems, needs and desires. If you’re trying to tell your audience what they need and want, you’re never going to sell your products or services successfully.

People today are well-researched, smart, and unwilling to fall for the traditional sales tactics. They are most often aware of their needs and the solutions available to them.

So a much better approach is to REALLY get to know them. What are they struggling with? What are they thinking about? What are they feeling? What specific outcomes do they desire?

When you know this, then you can create and deliver the solutions THEY need and want.

Taking the time to do your due diligence may very well be your golden ticket to the most profitable business possible.

The principle of tapping into a REAL problem is something any marketer can do.


Here are 5 steps to help you tap into your prospects’ REAL problems:


1) Look for pain points in real-time

In today’s world, your prospects’ problems aren’t some big secret.

Just spend the next 15-30 minutes in a Facebook group, related to your target audience. You can find relevant groups in your specific niche if you search: “your market’s problem + groups” in the Facebook search bar. E.g. “Fibromyalgia + Groups”.

When you click on one of the search results, Facebook will also show on the right hand side “Suggested Groups”. Take a look at those as well.

When you find the right groups for your niche, look for complaints, pain points and problems. Their complaints and problems people have tell you what they really want.

You can now create an offer (or find an affiliate offer) you KNOW they need and want, and use their pain points in your marketing and sales page.

Tip: Look for big Facebook groups, at least more than 10.000 members, and check if they are active, i.e. that there are several new posts added every day and that the posts are relevant, not just trying to sell things or spammy. Also look who the admin/s of the group is/ are. Check out their profiles. Do they seem trustworthy and genuine? Avoid groups only selling products, and ask to join the most interesting groups for your niche and products.

Other places than Facebook where you can find and learn more about your prospects’ real problems are forums like Quora – and the comments sections of topic related blogs and YouTube videos. You follow the same strategy here, look for complaints, pain points and problems.




2) Pick your prospects’ brains to validate the problem 

Social media and forums make it easy to actually pick peoples’ brains.

All you have to do is interact with people and you can validate the problem.

Tip: On social media (Facebook groups, YouTube comments section etc), and in relevant forums – try to answer a lot of questions and give people a quick win. Just be helpful, don’t post any links to your products or try to sell anything. Only after you start to know someone, after interacting via e.g. FB Messenger, should you suggest your product or service.

And whenever you have the opportunity to TALK to people – go for it: be interested, listen, ask questions! This may even help you to discover “silent needs”, that is, problems with as yet undefined solutions.

Surveys are yet another excellent way to learn more about your customers’ and prospects’ real problems.


3. The more specific the problem – the better

You don’t want your problem to be too broad, that’s too competitive.

You need a differentiator; something unique and compelling, so you stand out from the crowd.

For example, “short of money”, “need more customers” and “health issues” are broad and undefined problems.

You have to know your prospects and understand his or her specific and most pressing problem, and how your solution can help them.

Getting specific with your problem-solution frame work gives you less competition, and it might also mean going after a laser-targeted audience, whether it be a certain demographic or an ultra-specific niche. For example “fibromyalgia” is a much more specific problem and niche, compared to the undefined and broad “health issues” niche.


4. Present an actionable solution

Using problems and pain points in your marketing is a brilliant way to get your prospects’ attention.

But you also need to present an attractive solution to whatever your problem or pain point might be and you must be specific about your solution.

Use case studies, testimonials and real numbers whenever you can. Show them how your product or service can help them solve a problem or how it can help them achieve a specific result.

Additionally it’s important that you keep building a relationship and establish trust with your audience. You can do this with value-infused marketing (aka attraction marketing) in the form of follow-up emails, Facebook Lives, blog posts, videos and things like lead magnets (free giveaways) and content upgrades. 

Ebook creation

5. Dig into your data

You might be surprised at just how much data you can gather yourself on your prospects.

Look at the content they’re engaging with.

Whether it’s blog posts, videos, infographics, or images, customers are engaging with different forms of content consistently throughout the day. To better understand their problems, what they want and need, you need to be paying attention.

What kind of content of your own are they connecting with?

In your Google Analytics, you can find your company’s top pages by logging into Google Analytics, selecting “Behavior,” then “Site Content” and “All Pages.”

Moreover, you can find useful information from your:

a) opt-in forms: which opt-in forms and headlines convert best?

b) emails: what subject lines have best open rates, what emails have most link clicks?

c) Facebook page and other social media networks: what content and topics are most popular, demographic data, men or women, age group, what platform are they using etc.

d) Ad campaigns: what’s the campaign reach, how many clicks, how many likes, shares and comments, demographic data, men or women, age group, what platform are they using etc.

Looking at your data can clue you in on what people are looking for in terms of content and education.

…And this is exactly how you’re going to find new content to create and REAL problems to explore….!!!!!

“Focus on solving REAL problems and you’ll never have to convince people to buy” Marie Forleo @Marie TV

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Prospects' real problems

Your next step is to effectively communicate your problem-solution frame work


Now when you know your prospects’ REAL problems – the next step is to effectively communicate that problem – and your brilliant solution – to them.

Save money, make money, increase sales, better health, more energy….  are examples of specific outcomes that people are willing to pay for.

But you’ve got to demonstrate how your product or service can help them achieve those results.

If you can do that, then you don’t need to convince anyone to pay for your products or services. They will instead ask YOU “where do I pay / where do I sign up / when can I start this…”.

And this is as close to SELL WITHOUT SELLING you can come!

One excellent way to communicate this is through laser targeted paid advertising. You know exactly who your prospect is and you know the most pressing problem. Now you just need to craft a message to market match.

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Share this with your marketing and online business owner friends if you’ve found value – and I’d love to know YOUR best strategy to tap into your prospects’ REAL problems and to sell without selling!


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Prospects' real problems


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