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Get started with Video Marketing

How To Get Started With Video Marketing


Did you know that video marketing is a fast and easy way to rank high on Google?

Video is the future of internet marketing, and if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get your message out to lots of people, then publishing videos on YouTube is a perfect solution.

Online video content has been growing exponentially in just the last few years. Google owns YouTube, therefore it’s easier to get YouTube videos to rank high on Google than eg. a blog post – if you do it right. Once you’ve uploaded your videos, you can get leads from them for months, even years, for FREE!

And don’t worry if you you’re camera shy, you can do screen capture videos or presentation videos instead.

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Before you shoot your videos and upload them to YouTube, there are some critical steps to do.


Before you start creating videos, think about your prospect’s wants, needs, problems and / or pain. Ask yourself: What’s in it for them to watch my videos?

Titles starting with “How To….” are usually good to use, they speak directly to your potential viewers self-interest.

To optimize your videos for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that they show up when someone searches for something related to your video (and your products and services), you should be clear about what keyword phrase(s) your video is targeting. You can use Google Keyword Planner for this.

Make sure you have your keyword in your title, URL and description.

When you have uploaded your video to YouTube, you can insert captions and notes throughout the video – this will together with tags further optimize your video for SEO.

Outline a “script” so that you know what to say.


It includes basically the following steps:

1) A “hook” to get their attention. Ask a question that creates curiosity, fear or implies a benefit. 

2) Introduce yourself (briefly)

2) Tell them what the video is about

3) Deliver the content

4) Summarize

5) Close with a CTA = a Call To Action (eg to click on a link to your blog, an offer, a webinar invitation or a Capture Page)

Just don’t look at a script and read it word by word during the whole video! Try to look straight in the camera and be “relaxed”, pretend you’re talking to a friend.

YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

YouTube is the 2nd(!) largest search engine in the world… 


Did you know that YouTube is actually the 2nd(!) largest search engine in the world and gets more than 3 billion searches each month?!

“YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined,” according to Mushroom Networks.

In the next few years, videos will probably account for over 90% of all Internet traffic. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it!

And, since Google (= search engine #1) owns YouTube, your blog or website is more likely to get higher ranked on Google searches if you embed your YouTube videos on your pages or posts….

Another advantage with video marketing is that it’s FREE to create and upload videos to YouTube.

Videos are very useful for your business and marketing strategy


Here are some tips when using videos are very useful:

  • Promote your own product or service
  • Promote an affiliate product or service
  • Demonstrate a product
  • Give a product review or testimonial
  • Drive traffic to your website, capture page, presentation or a webinar
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Create and promote your own brand
  • etc

Before you start shooting a video, it’s a good idea to outline a “script” so that you know what to say, as mentioned before.

But don’t think that you must create long videos. I would say that it’s better to create short 3-5 minute videos – with strong content and a clear call to action – than long videos, because viewers’ attention spans are really short. We’re all busy, and most people just don’t have time to watch long videos.


Video Marketing

If you are camera shy… you can STILL do video marketing!


If you you’re camera shy, that’s actually no problem either!

You can do screen capture videos or presentation videos instead with e.g. Power Point slides. Then you don’t have to talk in front of the camera. You can just record your voice – and if you don’t want that either you can outsource it!

To make it really EASY to create professional looking videos – with images, motion video backgrounds, text captions, slides with different layouts, background music etc, I’d recommend you to check out this tool: =>FREE Trial: Video Creation Tool

It will solve ALL your concerns about video creation – and make is super easy!

What I find really awesome about videos, is that once you’ve created and uploaded your videos, you can sit back and relax as your message is perfectly delivered day after day, perhaps even year after year, to prospect after prospect!

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to attract qualified new prospects and leads to your business. 


Video marketing is an excellent strategy to attract a steady flow of qualified prospects and leads. But a necessary condition for this is of course that your videos also show up and get watched by lots of viewers, aka potential prospects and leads.

To get lots of viewers, you want your videos to rank high on Google and YouTube, so that when your prospects are searching for something related to your business, products or services, YOUR video(s) shows up on page One.

So how can you get your videos to rank high?

Here’s a FREE cheat sheet for you to download. It tells you exactly how to get your videos to rank number one, and you also get a formula for writing video titles that get clicks… and much more!

>> Download NOW <<YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

You DON’T have to invest a lot of money in expensive equipment


And if you think that you have to invest a lot of money in expensive equipment for shooting videos, you really don’t.

All you need to start with video marketing is a laptop with a built-in camera, or you can use your iPhone or an other smartphone to shoot the videos and then upload them to your YouTube channel.

And then if you find that this is a marketing strategy you enjoy, feel comfortable with and want to continue with, then you can of course buy a good camera, microphone etc.

But I would recommend you to not spend a lot of money on equipment before you have tested it for a while so that you know you will continue shooting videos. The only thing I would recommend you to buy is a tripod.

A tripod is the only thing I’d recommend you to buy when starting out. 


A tripod is very useful, because if you have one you can easily shoot your videos in different places in your house or outdoors if you want, to get some variety in the videos.

I bought my tripod on from a company called Sam Ash in Seattle.

When I searched on the internet for tripods, I read in some reviews that they had problems with “slippery” laptop holders. So what’s really good with this tripod is that it has anti-slippery protection on the laptop holder and it has also raised shelf edges, so that the computer can’t slip off.

It’s also easy to adjust the height, you can tilt the holder etc. If you want to check it out, the name of it is: QuikLok LPH001.

I bought it for just $39, shipping included. Tip: I also use my tripod as a “stand up desk” for my laptop, whenever I get tired of just sitting down at my desk!

I hope you’ve found my post about Video Marketing useful. If you have any questions, leave a comments below or contact me.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments here below what you use video marketing for – and any tips you’ve got to share about video marketing. I’d also appreciate it if you “Like” and share this post on Social Media!

Now, get started with your videos and add some “super ninja SEO tricks” from the SEO YouTube Cheat-Sheet!

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Ps: Are you looking for a SHORTCUT to create professional looking videos? Then you’ll LOVE this: 

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Video Marketing

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Published May 2016, Updated May 2019

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